Florida Medical Marijuana Act

“Amendment 2” became effective on January 3, 2017 and allows for the medical use of marijuana by individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a licensed Florida physician. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers.

Amendment 2 effectively states that individuals diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, may use marijuana for medical purposes on the advisement of a licensed Florida physician. The Florida medical marijuana law defines “debilitating medical condition” to include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; cancer; Crohn’s disease; epilepsy; glaucoma; HIV/AIDS; multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease; post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); or any other ailment/condition of the same type/class as or comparable to those enumerated, as determined by a physicians opinion that the medical use of marijuana would surpass any potential, and unlikely, health risks.

Furthermore, the initiative allows medical marijuana patients to appoint caregivers to cultivate their cannabis, and enlists the Department of Health in charge of registering and regulating centers that cultivate and dispense medical marijuana, as well as issuing state-registered medical marijuana identification cards to patients and caregivers who qualify.

Find a Qualified Marijuana Physician

By simply selecting the needed criteria, you can search for a licensed marijuana physician EG.  based on specialty or certification or within a specific geographical location. This search tool is provided by the Florida Department Of Health