A look at the different effects that various types, including indica and sativa, can produce.


Boost Enrergy
Help to focus
For Daytime use
ease Depression


High CBD
Acts like a sedative
Boost appetite
For Nighttime use
cannabis2 FEATURE
Grabba Leaf: a hit with CANNABIS smokers
This leaf is used as a wrapper in rolling a joint

A new line of this sought-after tobacco leaf has been introduced under the brand name “ Original Grabba”. Grabba is an informal term made popular in Jamaica for a natural, raw tobacco leaf used by ganja smokers in making a weed cigar.

The leaf is cut into smokeable strips that are then used as a wrapper in rolling a joint, just as smokers would use a sheet of rolling paper. Some users will break and crumble small bits of this leaf and use it to blend with their herb. Either way, it is said to provide a really good high.

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An all natural pre-rolled, plant based cone that is ready to pack and puff.

The Vale Republic pre-rolled Banana leaf cone is touted for its smooth taste and an all natural smoking experience. No paper used. The leaves are from organically grown Banana plants from the Caribbean. The leaves are harvested, washed and hand rolled into cones. It’s slender style and natural coloring and smooth smoke adds to its mystique. in addition, the cultural mix  of Jamaican Rastafarian and herbalist is just another reason to try this product.

Behind The Original Grabba Leaf Craze

The Grabba tobacco leaf is the craze of pot smokers from Florida to Canada. Some use it as a wrapper while others crush the leaf and use it as a blend with their weed. It has achieved cult-like status with rappers openly blazing it in their videos. So what is Grabba Leaf and Fronto wraps?

cannabis2 LIFESTYLE

Medicinal or Recreational

How do we use it?

Do you smoke it, drink it, eat it, party with it or use it for the medicinal value. A look into peoples interest

cannabis2 HEALTH


Doctor Chambers Herbs REcipe

With all the attention on viruses, flus, vaccines, diabetes high blood pressure etc, I call my childhood friend and Rastafarian herbalist for some advice on a natural immune builder. What I got was a powerful medicine from the kitchen. A potent blend of daily herbs and spices. A recipe that packs the ingredients to help the body fight off the evil germs attack.

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